Editing Services

I am available for professional editing services. Whether you're looking for something as simple as help with a cover letter or website content, or as full-on as self-publishing your own novel, I can help. I have five published novels under my belt. I have a BA and MA in English from University College Dublin.

Proofreading: I'll check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, typos, etc. This is the most basic edit, for a manuscript you're completely satisfied with.

Rate: €20 per hour

Copy Edits: I will check for formatting issues (if you have a particular agent or publisher you're interested in querying, I'll make sure the manuscript fits their submission requirements), fact-checking, internal consistency, word repetition, problems with dialogue, etc. This is ideal if you're satisfied that your overall story and characters are the best they can be, and want to polish the manuscript before submission.

Rate: €25 per hour

Developmental Edit: A developmental edit will be an all-in process. I'll work with you from the completion of your initial manuscript right until you query an agent/publisher or are ready for self-publishing. This package covers pacing, conflict and tension, any issues with your plot and character development. In addition, this will include copy-edits and light proof-reading.

If you opted for this, I will provide a sample feedback on your first 1,000 words (or first chapter, if you prefer), so you can see if my editing style suits you. In my experience, your experience with a developmental editor comes down to being on the same page, and it's very much a give and take arrangement. Some editors, no matter how good, simply won't be a good fit for a particular author.

Rate: €35 per hour

Consultancy for Submitting to Agents/Publishers: This would be help with your cover letter, synopsis, and other areas like your author bio and online platform.

Rate: €20 per hour

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