Mar 12, 2013

Silent Oath

A few days ago I received confirmation from my editor that the title for my second book had been finalised. Of the various titles I went through while working on this book, the one that stood out most was Silent Oath.

There is a line at the very end of Locked Within which refers to Nathan making his "silent oath" to protect the people of New York. Well, the next book builds on that and features Nathan's ongoing fight to keep people safe from the Council of Chains. There will be some old friends and new allies, as well as more powerful enemies for Nathan to fight. If you thought Nathan had to struggle before, just wait until you see what he has to endure next!

Though the release date for Silent Oath isn't yet decided, we are on target for release this year and I'll be doing some promotional posts as we get closer, sharing music that I used as inspiration and talking about how different this process has been from getting Locked Within onto the shelves.

I realise I haven't asked this on the blog before, but how did people feel at the end of Locked Within? What questions did you want answered? Assuming of course, you liked it enough to read more?

More generally, what do you guys like from a sequel? Particularly the ever-tricky middle installment of a trilogy?

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