Feb 25, 2014

Facebook Pages

For the last while, I've had several Facebook pages sitting mostly unused. I've generally relied on my own personal profile for all my social media promotion, along with Twitter and Google+.

This year sees me take on the challenge of becoming a hybrid author. I'll be self-publishing books while still submitting others for traditional publication. My new series, Lady Raven, will be quite different from my urban fantasy work, and it'll be important to steer my marketing in different ways for each.

To that end, I have created two new Facebook pages:

The Locked Within Trilogy replaces the previous pages I made for Locked Within and Silent Oath, and will from now on be the primary place for all promotional information about the series. In particular, as the year goes on more information will be posted about Final Hope, including details of the launch, blog tour links, and short excerpts to give readers a hint at what's in store for Nathan and his friends.

Lady Raven is the all-new page for, you guess it, the Lady Raven series of books. Similar to the above, there's going to be lots of info and updates about the new books, and plenty of news about various promotions happening.

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