Jun 25, 2014

Memory War Pre-Order

With just 10 weeks to go before the release of Memory War, I'm sure plenty of people will want to know how they can get their copy. For those of you who'll be attending the launch, or don't want to order from Amazon, you can order copies directly from me, if you wish.

Almost time...

The price per copy will be €13. I can arrange for free delivery in Ireland if you can't make it to the launch, but still want a signed copy. Outside of Ireland, I would have to charge an additional €5 for delivery.

All payment can be made via PayPal, and I'll just need your email address to send the invoice.

Please note that you'll need to pay the invoice in advance to secure a copy. I may have some spare books to hand at the launch, but I can only give a guarantee for prepaid copies.

You can place your order by email.