Oct 30, 2012

My Theme Song

Before I go into today's post, I just wanted to thank Dave O'Brien for putting in the winning bid for the first ever signed copy of Locked Within at this year's Gaelcon charity auction. That's €130 going to children's charities as a result!
As you've no doubt guessed from the posts I've been making this month, music is integral to my writing. I can't write if I'm not able to imagine what music would go with the scene I'm working on.

Likewise, I find I listen to certain types of music depending on how I'm feeling or, often, how I want to feel.

Sometimes I'll need to let out some painful feelings, so I'll listen to a song that helps bring those out. Other times I'll decide that no, I'm not taking something lying down, so I'll pick a song that inspires me and makes me feel like I can climb a mountain or swim across the ocean.

Since being offered the contract for Locked Within, there has been one song I've come back to, almost every single day. It's the song which makes me think of everything I've gone through, everything I've put up with, run away from, and overcome to get to where I am.

If I have a theme song, it's Meat Loaf's Alive.

Maybe it's fitting that after landing a deal for a book about a man who is reborn, life after life, to fight evil, I was drawn to a song which says, loud and boldly, go head and give me what you've got. Hit me, try to break me. Because no matter what you do to me, I'm still here. I'm still alive.

And this will not be the last the world hears of me.

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