Jan 15, 2014


Oops, I missed yesterday's blog post!

I spent much of yesterday dying to open up my new pc. I've had my current one for about 6 years, and while it's still going strong, it's not able to handle the newest run of games. Plus it'll be good to have a newer machine with more powerful RAM and processing speed, to help me get my research, writing and editing done faster.

I also had a friend, Claire Anne, over to have tea and talk about Lady Raven. Claire Anne and I know each other from years back, when we were in youth theatre together, and she's heavily active in the performance scene here. She's planning to put together a performance piece based on the mythology of Lady Raven's world, and will be helping out with the cover art for the book itself. We brainstormed some ideas with my wife, Jen, and looked at some of my musical inspirations and the lyrics for a song I wrote that features in the book.

I'm starting to get properly excited about this. With the number of people who'll end up involved in promotion, this book could open up a wide new audience for me.

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