Dec 1, 2014

Lady Raven Re-Release

I wonder is there a prize for the quickest re-release announcement of a book?

At the end of October, I released Lady Raven, the first in the Lady Raven Series, and my first self-published novel. However, not long after that I decided to pull the print edition of the book from Amazon, as I made some mistakes on the cover design that need to be fixed.

Given that it's so close to Christmas, and I really don't want to spend the last weeks of the year worrying about whether or not I'll be able to get the new cover uploaded and proofed in time for people to order copies before the holidays, I figured I should just take the hit and delay the re-release. I'm disappointed in myself for not having the forethought and attention to realise the issues with the cover sooner, but I can't help that now. All I can do is take the time to make sure that the new cover is the best it can be.

So for now, Lady Raven remains available on Kindle, so if any of you, or those you know, get Kindles for Christmas, it's a bargain price and I hope you'll consider checking it out.

I'll re-release the print edition in the new year. Note that only the cover design and book dimensions are changing. Absolutely nothing about the content is being changed. Those of you who have the book for Kindle should be able to download the updated cover once it's up. And if anyone bought the print version and decides they prefer the new one, I am happy to send on a new copy, free of charge.

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