Sep 16, 2010

Query Letters

I never imagined that this, of all things, would be the most intimidating part of the process so far.

It's hard to get my head around how important this is. One blurb will be the thing that first makes an agent either think my book is worthwhile, or send me a rejection. It's especially daunting when it comes to those agents who only want to see 5 pages first, rather than the first 3 chapters.

Sep 14, 2010

All Set

My first 3 chapters are pretty much ready, I think. I still want to go through them to do a final spellcheck and make sure the story flows well in a straight read-through.

Now it's time to get my query letter prepared and start researching which literary agents to contact.

This is pretty intimidating, since I have no experience in this side of things and I'm dependent on what I can learn online, along with the whims of whoever ends up reading my query.