I've set up a Patreon to help me pay for attending conventions, workshops, and other ways to further my career and reach my goal of becoming a full-time author, as well as to fund my self-publishing work.

You can sign up to my Patreon page here.

With your support, I'll be able to commit more time to writing, pursuing both traditional publishing and self-publishing, so the more funds I receive, the more books I can release. 

Patrons will also receive, depending on their level, all-new content and fiction which will be available to Patreon backers first, or even exclusively. These include the following:

  • The Long Road - An ongoing series of short stories and novellas, telling the story of Ashley Boone and her mother, Jenna, trekking across America as they hunt down monsters and those who use magic to prey on the unsuspecting. As these installments are released to Patreon backers, I will group them into volumes for eventual self-publishing, which means my patrons will get these stories long before anybody else.
  • Field Research - Monthly reports on the supernatural in the real world. Ghost stories, myths and legend, and mysticism.
  • Ashley's Journal - Where the Field Research describes how we commonly interpret the supernatural, Ashley grew up learning about what really lurks in the dark. Everything her mother taught her, she wrote down in her secret journal. Diana may not have dragged Ashley off to kill monsters with her when she was a child, but she did make sure she would know how to protect herself if anything ever did go after her.

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