Sep 18, 2013

Silent Oath Soundtrack: Unbroken

This is a busy week! I have two bits of news.

First, Silent Oath is now available for Kindle! If the wait for the print edition is too long, you can grab it right now at a special low introductory price.

And as if that wasn't enough, I've listed a Goodreads giveaway for a signed copy once the print edition is released. Just click on to enter and be in with a chance.

And now, on with today's soundtrack.

With every book, I pick a single song which becomes my primary motivator, the book's theme song, so to speak. This is the song I listen to at the start of every writing session, in the mornings when I'm off to work, and in the evening to keep my mind focused.

This song, from the Avengers soundtrack, perfectly captured what I wanted for Silent Oath. This book sees Nathan face his most dangerous adversary, and discover threats he never knew existed. The odds stack against him with each turn of the page.

But he's not alone. He has his friends. Cynthia and Cadence return to help. He recruits new allies to join his fight against the Council of Chains. Most importantly, Elena deSantis, the reincarnation of a lost lover, joins him and together they discover new strengths. If they stand together, they can save New York.

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