May 6, 2011

When You Don't Feel Like Writing

First up, I'd like to thank Write2Live for giving me the Blog on Fire award you can currently see on my sidebar. I'll have to find someone to pass this on to now. :-)

I've been battling with my sinuses all week. I'm hoping it's not a sinus infection. My regular doses of paracetamol and Sudafed have been keeping me functional. I'm just glad I work in an office and can sit down all day.

Have you ever wondered how a full-time writer manages to keep working even when they feel terrible? I know I have. Even with my self-medication this week I've struggled to keep working on The Silent Oath. I did manage to break the 2k mark and I'm just about getting into the swing of chapter 1. I'll see what more I can get done tonight after work. If I can get the first chapter done I'll be very pleased, but I'm a far cry from last year's 2k words a day.

One of my oldest friends is moving to Germany with his girlfriend while she does a PhD there. Tomorrow they're having a going away party. I'll miss them both a lot, so it'll be nice to see them properly before they go. It'd be great if this sinus problem went away by then.


  1. If it isn't, we'll just have to medicate you some other way. If you can't mix booze and the medication I'm sure food will do!

  2. Oh, Paul, I sympathize - I have sinus issues as well. Hope your home remedies do the trick, but I always need an antibiotic once it gets passed a certain point. Feel better soon, okay?

  3. I feel for you. Hang in there, remember one word at a time. And though you have some slow days now, I'm sure you'll have some really good days to make up for it. I say have some warm cookies, they do the trick for me. :-)

  4. Thanks everyone. Whatever I've got feels more like a headcold now, so I'm hoping it's nothing too bad. It's still flooring me though.

    I may have spent my whole weekend's worth of energy at the going away party last night, and I wasn't even drinking!