Mar 30, 2012


This weekend is Vaticon, the UCD Games Society's annual games convention. I've been involved with GameSoc ever since my first days in college and I've loved having the opportunity to go back and help out with the convention on occasion, as well as finding new friends to have in my weekly games.

Since this is a pretty big year for me, I figured I should go all-out for my contribution to Vaticon this year. To that end, I'm running a game scenario set 15 years before the events of my novel, Locked Within. It'll give a lucky few people a sneak peak into the supernatural world of New York and let them have a taste of the dangers to be faced by Nathan Shepherd.

Here's the blurb I wrote for the scenario:

All your life you've felt you were different, born for something greater. Your dreams are filled with images and feelings of distant lifetimes. The heat of battle. The passion of love. The ache of loss. You are Reborn, able to see past the veil that humanity uses to hide itself from the supernatural. For centuries, the Conclave of New York has offered shelter and guidance to your kind. But now the Council of Chains, those who seek immortality and fear rebirth, have grown strong. Eager to rule all within their reach, they are driving the Reborn from the city. The Conclave has fallen. All you can do is run, and try to save those you love. 

Then, on the Sunday morning, I'm thrilled to be giving a reading from my book. Even if you're not a gamer, if you're in Dublin and can make it, do come along. Entry to the convention is especially reasonable and there'll be time for a Q&A session over tea and coffee afterwards.

Hope to see some of you there!