Jun 21, 2012

4 Year Anniversary

My wife and I were married on a grey, rainy afternoon this day four years ago. I hadn't slept properly. I was so nervous I couldn't eat. And I have no idea why. We'd been actively planning the day for over a year, and talking one way or another for almost the full seven years we'd been together.

That was the day I felt whole. My wife is my best friend in the world. We share every aspect of our lives and still will spend hours just talking about whatever crosses our mind.

We've had a crazy four years. We've been to New York and Italy. We've seen friends get married and start families of their own. We bought our first house. We had and lost a son, which was a trial by fire I wouldn't wish on anyone, but which I know has left us stronger.

Last year I got a book deal for my first novel, realising a dream I've had all my life. Earlier this year I completed the edits on my second to make it ready for submission. I'm now working on my third, planning to hold on to this dream now that it's in my hands. It's an exciting journey I'm on, the most important one in my life besides trying to start a family. As happy as I'm going to be when Locked Within launches later this year, I know it wouldn't mean nearly as much without Jen there by my side.

Happy anniversary, babe. In the wonderfully 80s words of Starship: