Aug 14, 2012

Book Launch Preparations

The weekend scouting mission went well. I've got a couple of locations that would be perfect if I can get one of them. A lot of factors have come up while making the initial preparations.

1 - Size: I have a lot of friends and family who would like to come, not to mention inviting others who might also be interested. I've been working an estimate of about 50 or so who should be able to make it. Hopefully more. The venue's got to not only fit all the people I want there, with comfortable room to move, and space for a display, somewhere for a possible music act to go, the caterer, and somewhere to speak from.

2 - Location: The place has got to be central and easy to get to. The Dublin area is quite big and not all of it is easy to reach by public transport. I have to take this into account and make sure I get a place that everyone can get to with relative ease, especially given that most are likely to be coming from work.

3 - Catering: Thankfully I've got a great caterer who I'm meeting with on Friday to discuss options. There's got to be a decent spread. People will be coming from work and I don't want them watching the clock waiting for the party to end so they can get something decent to eat. And wine. There will also be wine.

4 - Entertainment: I'd like there to be some music playing, possibly a brief live act to play two or three songs. I could see about getting some people together and writing a song inspired by the book. So some form of PA options will be needed.

5 - Availability: The big one, right? I'm doing a lot of this work very early because regardless of the actual release date, everything from October to about February in Dublin is busy as hell. Venues book out weeks or even months in advance so the more I have prepared now, the easier it'll be to make sure things go smoothly. I'm very hopeful that either of the places I've got in mind can host me.


  1. Oh, Paul this is so exciting. Sounds like you are creating one awesome bash to celebrate your book's release. Wish I was there - I have PA system you could use.

    1. I figure I'm a little fish in a very big pond, so I need to make the biggest splash I can!

  2. You are one organized author! I look forward to hearing more about what it's like setting up a book launch in your area. Let me tell you, it's a nightmare in Salt Lake since Borders shut down. WiDo's last launch for a local author was in a library. 30 people came and it was a big success.

    1. I think it's more a nervous need to make sure I'm doing everything I can to make this a success. Not everyone gets the chance I've been given and I want to make the most of it.