May 7, 2013

Long Weekends

Last weekend was a bank holiday in Ireland, so Jen and I indulged ourselves a little.

Went to see Iron Man 3 on Saturday. Good, but I didn't feel it really lived up to the hype. Quite slow, in that there were several scenes where nothing at all happened, at least nothing which couldn't have happened in other scenes to keep the movie snappier. I think it could have been at least half an hour shorter and lost nothing. I still think the second movie is the best of the Iron Man series. As always, it's worth staying until the end of the credits.

On Sunday we had a barbecue with my parents. And on Monday we brought the girls for a walk down along the beach then spent the afternoon playing board games with some friends. It's great that the weather's turned so nice; it means we can get the girls out into some sunshine and fresh air.

I booked next Monday off work, so I have another long weekend coming up. The new Star Trek is out this week, so we might try to see that. And if the weather stays nice, I think a trip to the zoo is in order.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the nice weather!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Movies, walks, barbeques, family...perfect!

    Weather is oddly poor here right now...ordinarily we'd be on the very warm and very sunny side. Think we may have our usual weather soon. Hope you'll enjoy Star Trek.

    1. Me too. A new poster spoiled part of the plot and I'm a little wary that it might disappoint me now.