Aug 8, 2013

Launch Preparations

I have some great news!

The fantastic Ruth Frances Long has agreed to officially launch Silent Oath at the book launch this October.

Ruth and I met at Octocon last year and sat on a number of panels together. She helped me feel right at home among my new peers and we shared some excellent discussions throughout the weekend.

It's wonderful to have an established author launch my new book. I made a big deal of Locked Within coming out last year, and how incredible it felt to have my favourite college lecturer not only launch the book, but also give a mini-lecture about the book's themes and meaning. This year I want to make just as big a deal, if not more so, about Silent Oath. In my opinion it's an improvement on the first, as my own writing has grown stronger and it brings Nathan's story to a higher level of tension and importance.

Remember, there's a Facebook event set up for the book launch. If you'd like to come, stop by and add yourself, it's open to all!


  1. Looking forward to your launch, Paul, and having a share in your tour!

    Wishing you the best!


  2. That's really wonderful, Paul! I hope your launch for Silent Oath even surpasses Locked Within. I look forward to seeing pictures!

    1. Thanks Karen! I hope it's a good turnout. Fingers crossed this time there are no issues with the bookstore!

  3. Oh yay! I have met and drunk copious amount of wine with Ruth and she is such a lovely person. You couldn't gave asked for a better launcher! :)