Mar 25, 2014

Lady Raven is Underway

While I work through my edits for Final Hope, all sorts of stuff is happening with Lady Raven.

My editor started reading the book yesterday, and last night I had a meeting with the photographer and model for the book covers. Well, I say meeting. In our house what counts as a meeting is tea, curry, and music videos.

We've got the core ideas laid down for how the books are going to look. We'll be preparing the covers for all four books at the same time, since I know how the overall story is going to go, and it saves time and work in the long run. I'm really excited to have such amazing and talented people to work with.

As it happens, there are a fair few people interested to help out with artwork and layouts, so we can make the books look as professional as possible. This is a key thing in self-publishing, I've learned. If you skimp on how your book looks, or fail to take into account that the cover needs to stand out on a small image on an online store, or that you also need the back and spine to look good if you intend to release a print version, your book won't be able to compete as well against the hundreds of thousands of other books out there.

What I'm really looking forward to is engaging with Dublin's thriving steampunk community. We plan to arrange a promo to go along with one of the awesome steampunk events in the city throughout the year. It's just a matter of getting more work done so we can put together a timeframe.

It's all feeling very real.

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