Apr 29, 2014

Memory War - New Title and Release Date!

It was April 27th, 2011, when I announced that my first book, Locked Within, was going to be published.

So it's kind of nice that, barely more than three years later, I can announce the new title and release date for the final instalment of the trilogy.

The marketing department at WiDo wanted something else for the title, so we settled on the original working title of the book:

Memory War

The marketing department liked this title so much that WiDo have decided to re-name the series, from the Locked Within Trilogy to the Memory Wars Trilogy*. The cover and blurb will be revealed soon, and I'll be starting some exciting promotional work to get ready. This are going to kick into high gear soon, as we get ready for the release of Memory War on...

September 2nd!**

This is the earliest release I've had so far, and I can't wait to share the epic climax with everyone.

The final battleground
*If you've already liked the Facebook page, you don't have to change anything, I've already updated the name so you'll see posts from the Memory Wars page instead. If you haven't liked it yet, now is the perfect time, as there'll be snippets, character profiles, and a range of other treats coming up over the next few months.

**I'll be delaying the release of Lady Raven to autumn/winter, to give myself space to focus on Memory War.


  1. How incredibly exciting, Paul! So happy for you!! :)

    1. Thanks, Linda! I'm a little daunted by how much I need to get done.