May 17, 2014

Pre-Order your copy of Memory War!

Memory War, the final chapter in the Memory Wars trilogy, is now available to be pre-ordered on and other regional versions will follow, as will Kindle editions.

War is coming to New York. Nathan Shepherd's growing band of followers is dedicated to protecting the city, but they now face their greatest threat.

Athamar returns, plunging the city into chaos. Uniting the forces of darkness against Nathan and his allies, Athamar strives to discover a secret hidden for thousands of years. A secret lost to Nathan's memories. Something so dangerous, even the gods themselves fear it.

Nathan and Elena were once the greatest of heroes, champions against evil. Now, haunted by Nathan's past-life betrayal, they must work together and brave the pain of long-buried lifetimes. Somewhere, locked within their former incarnations, lies the key to stopping Athamar, an enemy who has hunted them from one incarnation to the next.

As the city burns and innocents suffer, as heroes fall and hope dies, Nathan and Elena face their final battle, a battle where legends will be reborn.


  1. Ah, a fellow Wido author. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on your latest release. I hope it does well. Although I don't really read this genre, it sounds like a great trilogy.

    1. Thanks, Clarissa! It's hard to believe I've completed the series.