Sep 25, 2014

He For She

This week, actress and all-round class act Emma Watson gave a speech in front of the UN. You can see the video here:

You can read the full transcript here.

This brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful, after watching so much misogynist hate be spread across the internet lately, to see the rise of a new, and inclusive, feminist movement. Inclusive is the important word here. When I first watched this speech, it struck me that Watson is right. We can't expect feminism to succeed if there's any semblance of an impression that it's about hating men. Because yes, men suffer from patriarchy too. Not as badly as women, but it's still our problem as well. And we need to help fix it.

I'm constantly learning more about what it means to be a feminist. And while it should not have taken the birth of my daughters to make me realise just how much work where was to be done in order to build a united world where gender no longer leads to discrimination, it did, and so here I am. I am not a model feminist. I'm not sure I'm a model anything. I'm just one person who wants to do his best to help. I want a world where my daughters, where all daughters, and all sons, can have the same goals and aspirations.

I want to see women able to express an opinion without being threatened for it. Where men can cry and not be made fun of. Where parents receive equal work benefits to let them spend time with their newborn children, regardless of gender.

I've joined HeForShe. I am a feminist.

Emma Watson asks "If not me, who? If now now, when?"

Who? Me.

When? Now.

How? In everything I teach my children. In everything I share with my friends and family. And in every book I write.


  1. Wow, Paul, I had no idea Emma Watson was this kind of person. This is such important work. At 65, I participated in women's consciousness raising in the 70s, but she's right. We have to bring men into the fight for equality. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I like that she's so frank and honest about past poor press feminism has received, and that this is a conscious movement to get everyone involved. It's nothing new, but it clearly needs repeating, and there's no way feminism can achieve more about accepting that mistakes have been made and it's now time to get it right, for everyone.