Oct 22, 2014

Lady Raven Takes Flight!

After a lot of hard work, many restless nights, and more help from friends than I could have ever hoped for, I am thrilled to announce that Lady Raven will be released on October 31st!

Cora Ravenell has already lost her father. Now she stands to lose so much more. With no male heirs, her father's estate is stripped away, and Cora's only chance to remain in noble society is to marry a childhood friend.  

But when her mother is accused of treason, Cora's world is shattered, and she becomes the target of a ruthless hunt. Chased through the darkest corners of the city, Cora discovers that not everything about the Empire is as it seems. In the darkness, Cora will find the truth, and a power she has never known.  

The law calls her a criminal. The church calls her damned. 

Her enemies call her Lady Raven.

This is the first of a 4-part series, and the start of a whole new chapter in my career. My first self-published novel. First steampunk fantasy. First Young Adult. First female protagonist.

Join Cora, as she embarks on a dark and dangerous journey in search of revenge and redemption. She will face the wrath of a corrupt Empire, the hidden potential of a magic she does not yet understand, and the threat of losing the most precious things she still has left.

The adventure begins this Halloween, in Lady Raven.


  1. Sounds so exciting, Paul -- congratulations!!! :)

  2. Wow, good luck and congrats, Paul. I'd love to know why you switched to self publishing?

    1. Thank you! I was always planning to become a hybrid author, and pursue both traditional and self-publishing, to increase the number of books I had coming out each year. Now that my wife's had to give up work to look after our kids, I need to concentrate on publishing options that'll bring in royalties faster, so I'm focusing on this new series for a while.