Mar 10, 2015

Teaser Tenth

Welcome to #TeaserTenth, a monthly chance for authors to share snippets of their work. It's organised by JA Belfield, and this is my first time taking part.

With the release of Red Skies coming up in a few months, I've decided to share an excerpt from Lady Raven:

She rose from the water, taking a deep breath as she climbed out of the bath. Standing once again before the mirror, she studied her reddened flesh, already fading to pale, milky white. She grimaced against the sudden cold and reached for the clothes she had picked out.
Black trousers, made for a young man; loose enough to move in. A white shirt which she buttoned up with mechanical repetition. Next a black waistcoat, then the long overcoat she’d taken from the White Raven. 
Finally, watching her face in the mirror, framed by short ebony hair, Cora took her grandmother’s black tricorne and placed it on her head. She nodded.
“It’s time to fly.”


  1. Hey, thanks for taking part. Nice share. ☺

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