May 21, 2015

Please Vote Yes

Tomorrow I'll get up early so my wife and I can get to the polling stations to vote on the single most important referendum of our lives. We're both voting yes to changing the Irish constitution so that people will be able to marry, regardless of their gender.

This is history in the making. We could change the country for the better, and become the first nation to ever declare marriage equality through popular vote.

I've watched people I care about suffer terrible pain in the last few weeks. So many are angry and afraid at what could happen tomorrow. So please, if you can vote tomorrow, go out and vote yes.

There is no logical reason to not vote yes. No legitimate argument against equal marriage has been presented, or indeed can be presented.

There has never been a time when people have looked to the past, and the fight for equal rights, and regretted granting them. Never been a time when historians have argued that it was a mistake to grant more freedoms and remove discrimination.

Think about the facts. Think about the lives that could be made better, both now and in generations to come. Think about how history will look at your decision.

Please vote yes.

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