Oct 20, 2015

Star Wars and Racism

First, let's all sit back and watch this:


Okay wow. Right there at 01:22, when the Force Theme surges in, has me in tears. And that shot of the Millenium Falcon blasting through hyperspace? Holy crap this looks like everything I've ever hoped it could be.

With that out of the way, the new trailer comes hot on the heels of the latest anti-diversity outcry.

There is a hashtag doing the rounds, #BoycottStarWarsVII. And it's about accusing Star Wars of promoting white genocide.

I can't even muster up the will to try and play nice on this stuff anymore. Having a lead cast of character who include a white woman, a black man, and an hispanic man is not the same as promoting genocide, it's realising that there are more people, more characters, out there than white guys. Star Wars has been made fun of in the past for how few women and black people there are, and now we have two non-white characters taking center stage in a movie and that's supposed to be worthy of a boycott?

Guess what? Like the people who complained about Star Wars: Aftermath pushing an SJW agenda for having gay characters, anyone who thinks there's a problem with non-white characters in Star Wars is one of the bad guys. I know, we're not supposed to see the world in simple Good vs Evil terms, but damn, these people are making it hard not to. The Empire is evil, we all accept this. It is also famously racist. Species are kept as slaves, and non-humans struggle to achieve any success or acceptance in the Imperial government and military. Racism is explicitly a part of what makes the Empire the bad guys.

The Rebels, on the other hand, bring together species from various worlds, uniting despite their differences.

Can the irony of this argument really be so lost on people? How can they claim to love a franchise where they exemplify the traits of the villains?

Well, whatever. Let them stamp their feet and shout from the rooftops. Let them shun everything that tells them anything other than that they are the center of the universe. More room in the cinema for the rest of us.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to watch the trailer again...


  1. The yiddish expression oy vay fits perfectly here. I'm bewildered by people most of the time these days/

  2. Siiiiiiiiiiigh. Yep. Preach it. Nothing more to say to that. But man, am I excited to see this movie! *Squee!*

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