Oct 14, 2015

What makes feminism hard to accept?

It's on my mind lately. Feminism is the belief that men and women should be treated equally in the eyes of the law and society, with no special favour or discrimination based on gender. It has further development in LGBTQ feminism and racial feminism, as LGBTQ women and women of colour have their own challenges they face that other women don't. But at its core, feminism is still based on the idea that a woman should not be treated differently than a man simply because of her gender. It seems simple enough, but any time I post something about it, or see someone else talk about it, you could almost set your watch by the time it takes a man to object.

Why is that?

I'm opening this up for discussion. Let's get it out in the open. Now, as a primer for this, I want to address two things:

  1. Feminism is about hating men - False. While there are people who hate men, we're going to stick with the dictionary definition of feminism here, as it is what the overwhelming majority of people who claim the feminist title want (and besides, it's not comparable to misogyny, since women who hate men tend to avoid them or at worst hurt their feelings, while men who hate women do much worse...)
  2. What about Men's Rights? - Yes, men have rights, and a range of problems, such as male victims of domestic abuse not being taken seriously, higher chance of suicide. Being told that catcalling is inappropriate is not a men's rights issue.
With those out of the way, I'll open this one up to the floor. 

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