Jun 20, 2016


This is an auspicious time. Today is the longest day of the year (though not the traditional Summer Solstice, which is tomorrow), and coincides with the Strawberry Moon, a full moon in June which signals the start of the strawberry season.

The Summer Solstice and the Strawberry Moon only coincide once every 70 years. This is something most of us will not live to see again.

And tomorrow, the 21st, the traditional solstice date, is my 8th wedding anniversary.

It is also the starting date for my IndieGoGo campaign to fund the publication of Blackened Wings, the third in the Lady Raven series. Watch out tomorrow for my post announcing the kick-off. It's going to run for 30 days, after which the money raised will go towards paying my editor (the awesome Amie McCracken), and fulfilling my backers' reward levels.

So tonight I'll be pouring a drink for the gods, and getting ready to see where this takes me.

Yo ho!

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