Jun 8, 2011


As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been pushing myself a little too hard with my writing. Not in terms of time spent writing, but in terms of stressing myself out for not writing more. I've taken a few days to chill out and spend time not thinking about my current WIP, or my first novel's upcoming editing process. I feel better for it, I think, though I may have picked up a bit of a head cold, which isn't fun. At least hot port can fix that.

It was a bit of a struggle trying to enjoy myself while not thinking about writing. Have I really become so focused that I can't switch it off? It's not healthy to devote all of one's free time to one single endevour. I used to write with the vague idea that I wanted to be a writer "someday." Somewhere along the line it became a sold career goal, and I treat it as such. Enjoying writing so much, it's easy to forget that it's not completely recreational anymore, and that I need to watch for signs of stress and burnout.

I have plenty of time to work on my current WIP. Locked Within won't be out until next year. I have a long time to get the sequel ready for submission.

Do you guys have trouble with burnout?


  1. Yes, Paul, I do. So you are doing the right thing by recognizing it and taking care of yourself, especially if you've got a cold. I find the more I relax about my writing, the easier it comes. Go figure. Feel better!!!

  2. I can barely find fifteen minutes at a time for my WIP, so I haven't felt burnt out yet. But late at night I just feel like I should stop thinking and go to bed. Maybe that's daily burn out...

  3. Karen: Thanks. My sinuses are still hurting. The last thing I want right now is another sinus infection. Blegh.

    Brent: I don't usually stop thinking until I actually fall asleep. Sometimes I think it'd be nice to...

  4. I can relate. My job involves me writing and editing scientific articles all day, additionally I try write fiction in my spare time.
    I've found running can help me switch off and forget about writing for hours afterwards. Perhaps this would work for you also?

  5. Ah... YES! I think about writing ALL the time. And when I'm not thinking about writing, I'm thinking about all the promo I should be doing... sigh! I started giving myself permission not to do anything writing related on Sundays, and it seems to be working.

  6. Matthew: My mind wanders very easily, usually straight to writing or planning my next book. I'd spend all that running time thinking about it!

    Talli: I think part of my problem is that I love it all so much it feels like I'm depriving myself if I try to not think about it.

  7. I was like this a while back and then my brain just took care of it and put writing on the back burner. Then I worried that I couldn't write again! But now I'm starting a new novel and things are much more balanced. Balance is one of the hardest things in the world for me.