Aug 15, 2011

Progress and Titles

I've been focusing an awful lot on Silent Oath lately, the sequel to my first novel. I'm sure I'm getting ahead of myself, but the story is there, wanting to be told. After the first draft is done I'll go back to working on Nightfall while I wait for my crit partners and beta readers to come back with their comments. I'd like to have editing done by Christmas.

As if that wasn't enough, the title for the third book in the series came to me today: Soul Mates.

Normally I'm terrible at titles, but I think this one fits. It's definitely a better working title than I've had before. It may even do as the final title.

I'm really looking forward to finishing Silent Oath. It's an important part of Nathan's story, and should set things up nicely for the ever-increasing stakes as the series goes on.

How about everyone else? Are your WIPs coming along well? Do you ever work ahead in a series like this, or do you wait until one book is released before working on a sequel?


  1. Nice titles, Paul! And good for you on getting any work done at all on your WIPs...I have been really dragging butt on mine lately *sigh*. I don't let myself work ahead in a series to the extent that you do, but I will make notes on the next book while I'm working on something else. And as soon as I'm done one, I immediately start on the next...if only to shut the voices up, lol. Happy writing!

  2. I'm about to start Becky, Draft Three. Hoping to have it done by September 10th so I can do a final polish after I get back from Budapest and hopefully be ready to start writing my query letter by October or so. It's such a scary prospect, I may have to write a blog post about it!!

  3. I've written very few series, most of my projects tend to be stand alone. I've only ever written one series and that was totally accidental. I finished the first book and realised I'd built up a whole other story that still needed be told.

  4. I hate titles. My first and current WIP has a working title, but I will be more than happy if someone picks it up and wants to change the title.

    I do also have idea's for future books going around in my head and intend to pitch the first one as the first in a series.

    It sounds as though you are really busy with it. If it works for you, keep at it.

  5. Linda: Thanks! Silent Oath won't be the final title. It was intended to reflect an aspect of the story which has actually become much less significant as I've written it. So it'll need a different title.

    Ellen: You're such a jet-setter! Just back from Germany, next off to Budapest. Good luck with Draft 3 and the querying!

    Zoe: I tend to think in terms of series. I think I've only had a couple of ideas that would only work as standalones.

    Rebecca: I often find I can't really get into a WIP until I've given it a working title.

    I'm not sure the amount I do is so much "working for me" as I am working for it... :-p

  6. My WIP is silently waiting for me to return from wherever I am that is definitely not my writing world. Glad your creative juices are flowing.

  7. I've never done a series, although it's something I'm definitely considering.

  8. Now that the wedding stuff is over I can't wait to get back to my new novel, first draft needs to go on the computer. (as soon as the laundry is done and house cleaned) I have an amazing title that just came to me but not sure if it will be the one that's used or not.

  9. Karen: Me too! I'm sure you'll be back at it soon.

    Talli: I find it much easier to plan a book if I think of it as part of a series. It's comforting knowing I get to play with the characters for more than one book.

    KarenG: I wish I were better at titles. I'm really looking forward to settling on a title for my first book.

  10. Paul, first off, brava on your lovely comment over at my blog. You've hit it just right. I see that I'm not the only one working on a sequel. *shudder*. My sequel was NOT planned. My first book isn't out yet, but I figure I need to keep the ball rolling because I have no doubt that a sequel will be in demand. We live in a sequel age, no? Best wishes on yours! :)

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  11. Elizabeth: I think when most people put down a book they want to know what happens to the characters whose heads they've spent so much time in. The problem comes when an author had no plans for a sequel and feel compelled to come up with one. Then a lot of what's been built can end up spoiled if the author undoes some of the development of the first book.

    Certainly, a reliable series is going to be a draw for many readers. But that's the key. Reliability. Readers don't want to be left waiting years for the next installment, so it's in our best interests, I believe, to use the time between selling a book and the actual release date to get as much work done on a series (if one is planned or even just hoped for) as possible.

  12. Paul, I think you have awesome titles! A title is a real draw.
    I wanted to check with you - earlier you said you'd be interested in hosting me when my book comes out. I'm looking to do blog touring with my blog buddies during October - are you still willing and is that a good time for you? I can actually do it anytime in Oct-Dec, but I thought I'd keep October for my blogger friends. It can be anything you want it to be - interview, chat, guest post. We could talk about how I got to the decision of self-publishing, how I got an agent, or anything else that suits. As you know, I'm vacationing from my own blog, but will be still be visiting! Melissa

  13. Sure thing, Melissa! Whenever's good for you.

  14. Thanks! I'll make up a calendar and suggest a date.

  15. I'm fairly new at all this, so I wouldn't say this is firm, but I will likely start writing the sequel to my first WIP before it's published. I read the other day that one should avoid that in case the agent/publisher wants to go a different direction in the sequel, but I tend to think it's my book and I want to take it in the direction I want to go with it. Therefore, I'll write it how I want and if a change makes sense to me, I'll use it. Besides, it's banging on the inside of my head and it's getting harder and harder to resist it.

    Great titles, by the way!