Aug 5, 2011

Things That Help You Get By

This has been my first week back at work. It's been tough leaving Jen at home, but she's had people around her all the time to keep her company. Settling back into work has had its ups and downs.

Given that it's been a fairly rough week, I felt it'd be nice to start the weekend by talking about things that friends and loved ones do for us that just make us feel loved and help give us that little bit of a boost to get through the day.

  • Friends showing up with food 
  • My parents and sister cleaning the house and stocking up our kitchen while we weren't there
  • A friend finding out we hadn't any plans and offering to come over, just to keep us company
  • A very close friend's dad being there at Conor's funeral because she couldn't
  • Someone turning to us and saying how proud they are of us, or how they look up to us for how strong we're being and how we seem to be coping
  • Friends just being there to chat online, about anything and everything
  • An old friend coming back into contact
  • A stranger commenting on a blog post about how they're thinking of us
  • Friends coming over, without any plans for what to do, and letting us just have a great night of fun and food, without any expectations
 I've noticed things like these so much more recently. How much they matter, and how blessed Jen and I are to have so many people who care so much about it. It's these things, these people, who give us the strength to carry on. I am glad to say that I have never felt more loved than I do right now, thanks to these people.

So let's get this rolling. What things, big or small, have people done that make you feel loved, or helped pick you up when you needed it?


  1. I had plans. My plans were to convince people that playing Battlestar was a good idea. My plan succeeded!

  2. I'm sorry it's been a rough week, but it is truly heartening to read all the things that have made things easier for you.

    As to what things people have done for me - I couldn't pick out one particular thing. Mostly it has been people just being there to talk to, about anything and everything, that has helped me through dark times.

  3. You should also add that it's your own inner strength (and Jen's too) which is helping you both to get by - plus your writing and Jen's music. Love to you both :)

  4. When my dad had been taken into hospital for emergency surgery, I tried playing Team Fortress 2 to take my mind off things. A very good friend of mine noticed I wasn't playing as I normally did and talked to me on Steam chat for a good while. Having that friend there and another coming to take me home from the hospital after having a major operation myself also helped. One of them helped mum order the tickets for our journey home.

  5. These are all great suggestions for anyone who wonders how to help those who have experienced a loss. And how wonderful that you had so many to care for you.

  6. Aonghus: Good plan indeed :-)

    Zoe: There's not enough credit given to friends who can just be there to listen.

    Paula: I think the thing about inner strength is it's hard for a person to see in themselves, because they're not the one looking.

    Ellen: Little things really are amazing, aren't they?

    KarenG: I'm completely humbled by it all, really. When we needed our friends, they turned out in force to do whatever they could.