Feb 22, 2012

Great Fight Scenes: Back to the Future 3

Today I'm looking at the showdown between Marty McFly and Buford Tannen in Back to the Future 3:

This just goes to show that big effects and complex choreography aren't necessary to make a great fight scene. It's a pivotal moment for Marty, who finally gets to physically confront the worst of the Tannen family that has been a plague to his own for generations. More over, it shows that Marty has learned how to see past his impulsive urges and solve his problems through more than just rash actions, that there's more to winning than saving face.


  1. lol, I'd forgotten about that scene! Good tip and reminder that I need to finesse some of my fight scenes rather than trying to make each one epic. Thanks for helping me to fix my WIP! Needed this. :)

  2. You're welcome! :-)

    I really think this is one of the most satisfying fight scenes I've ever watched.