Feb 20, 2012

Great Fight Scenes: Pirates of the Caribbean

I'm sticking with some Youtube videos this week. We're moving on to some of my favourite fight scenes. I absolutely love a good fight scene. Some stories just need a proper showdown between the hero and the villain to bring themselves to a satisfying finish.

First up is from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

This is, I think, the best fight scene out of the entire Pirates of the Caribbean series. Watch the tension between Jack and Will, the technical detail of the choreography, the way the music works in time with the sword strikes. It's a shame none of the other fights scenes in the series can quite match it.


  1. I love the ebb and flow of music with the bladework. I think Pirates did that sort of epic swashbuckly adventure really well. There are parts of all four films that I didn't like but overall, I love the feel of the movies, the delicate and not so delicate balance that the music gives it. The witty banter in the middle of the fight just enhances the whole thing. A good pick in my ever so humble opinion.


  2. I agree, this is the best fight scene in the series. Loved it.

  3. Bon: Thanks. :-) I agree, the way the music works with the action in the series is just incredible.

    Lisa: The last fight between Jack and Barbossa at the end of Curse of the Black Pearl came in a good second, I think. It just couldn't quite capture the style and technique of this one.