Apr 27, 2012

Hero's Journey Challenge

I've spoken a lot about the idea of the Monomyth, the Hero's Journey model which can be applied to pretty much any popular story. I'm planning to do a whole series of posts applying the Hero's Journey to different movies, but there's a catch.

I'm not going to choose the movies.

Starting today, I will be accepting requests from all of you to analyse whatever movie you want me to. If I've seen it, or I can readily get my hands on a copy to watch it, I'll see if I can apply the Hero's Journey to it and detail what elements appear and where.

So here's the deal. Name a movie, either in the comments here, on my Facebook, Twitter, or by e-mail to pashortt (at) gmail.com, between now and this time next Friday, May 4th, and I'll compile a list of the movies that I'll be examining. I'll publish the list in next Friday's blog post.

I reserve the right to turn down any suggestion that I just can't get my hands on, or if I'm aware of something about a particular movie that I find too distasteful or disturbing to watch (So I won't be doing Marathon Man (dentists...) or The Butterfly Effect (anyone who knows me and has seen this movie will know why), for example).

Let the challenge begin!

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