Jul 12, 2012

Blog Break

Yesterday was pretty emotional. Still, we got through it better than I expected. We had a nice breakfast out, went to see the new Spider-Man movie (excellent, by the way!), and released a balloon for Conor down at the beach.

I think the day was about as good as it could have been. We're both very glad we took the day off from work.

So, on Tuesday we're flying to New York. We touch down in JFK at 13:15 EST to begin 8 days of re-living our honeymoon and discovering new parts of one of our favourite cities. We land back in Dublin at 09:25 GMT on Thursday the 26th. That means 2 week's worth of blog dates where I'll either be travelling or distracted by all the New Yorkness. Since I've been woefully unprepared for this eventualiy, I figured I'd just take the two weeks off from blogging rather than try to rush and schedule 4 posts between now and when we leave.

I'm signing off until the 31st. I'll still be around on Twitter, Facebook and of course Gmail. So have a nice couple of weeks everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I hope you can both enjoy your trip and reconnect. I'm glad you were able to remember your son in a special way. My thoughts are with you both.