Jul 10, 2012

Conor's First Birthday

Tomorrow our son Conor would have been one year old. We still miss him, and I know we always will.

We haven't really thought much about what we want to do to mark the day. We both have the day booked off. There's no way we could handle being in work. I think we're going to try and take it easy. Maybe go see a movie, just spend time together. In the evening my parents are putting a plaque with his name on it on my grandfather's grave. Conor's ashes are still on our mantlepiece at home. One day we'll scatter them somewhere nice, but we're not ready yet.

I'll probably be a bit quiet as regards e-mails, Twitter and Facebook.

Still, while it's going to be a hard day, my wife and I are happy. We've still got so many good things going for us. I've got my first book coming out in a few months. We're heading back to New York next week. And we've been blessed with two new babies on the way. I like to think Conor's been with us through all of it, helping us along when we need it.

Happy birthday, son.

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  1. Miss you guys, hope you have a wonderful day together celebrating his life and the two new ones on the way. Happy birthday Conor :-)