Nov 30, 2012

Locked Within Blog Tour: Karen Jones Gowen

It's the end of the run. The Locked Within Blog Tour is coming to a close. It's been great to talk about the many influences I've had in my writing, and how I worked though different challenges to create the final book.

I hope everyone's enjoyed these posts, and more importantly that everyone who has read or will read Locked Within, whether you buy it for yourself or receive it as a gift this Christmas, enjoys the book. It was a joy to write and work on over the last several years, and my biggest hope right now is that enough people want to see what happens next, after the final page.

With that in mind, I'm ending the tour at Karen Jones Gowen's blog, Coming Down the Mountain. I'm there to let everyone know that there are still monsters in the world. There are still dark things hiding in the shadows. But don't worry, because Nathan Shepherd will return...

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