Jan 31, 2013


Today is the 12th anniversary of the day my wife and I first started dating. For some reason, 12 feels like a milestone worth noting. We've been together almost all our adult lives, and can hardly remember what it was like to not be together.

It's kind of appropriate, then, that we have Amy and Erica with us this year. Another big change in our lives. I remember we were 6 months together when we first started talking about our plans for the future. Marriage and children. We were always on the same page in that regard. We both wanted to have a family; it was just a question of when.

Love at first sight. Yeah, I'd call it that. We met in college on a Monday morning, January 29th. We spent six and a half hours talking and having coffee. We skipped all of our lectures and classes that day. Terribly irresponsible of us. Two days later we were kissing for the first time. Don't tell me you can't know you've found your soul mate right there and then like they do in the movies. From that day on, I've never wanted to be with anyone else.

We don't do anything for Valentine's Day and we're happy to let New Year's pass us by quietly enough. But our anniversary has always been an important date. Rather than exchange gifts, we try to just spend a lot of quality time together, just the two of us. So I think we're going to be horribly grown-up and get our first proper babysitter this weekend, then go out for a nice dinner and maybe see a movie.


  1. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy the special day!

  2. Hope you had a great day!

    This all sounds very familiar to me. :) My husband and I met in college, too. I'm afraid to say it's been a little over 23 years ago for us (that's starting to make me sound old...)

  3. Happy anniversary! Hope yesterday was wonderful and amazing!

  4. Happy anniversary, Paul and Jen! You have a lot to celebrate!