Dec 16, 2013

One Year Old

This past Friday was my daughters' birthday. Yep, twins having their first birthday on Friday 13th.

Despite superstition, I've always found Friday 13th to be a really nice, pleasant day. Maybe it's just due to the superstition that I think an otherwise ordinary day is particularly good. This year was no different. I'd booked the day off work and we took the girls out for the day in our new car (a Daihatsu Terios was never going to fit three babies in the back, so we've upgraded to a 7-seater Ford Galaxy).

It's amazing to think that a whole year has gone by already. I've been off my game this year. It's been a lot of work, with plenty of new stress and a few let-downs and added workload, but Erica and Amy have been the best and easiest part of 2013. I don't know if we did anything in particular, if twins keep each other happy and calm, or we just got lucky, but they're so well-behaved and happy all the time.

On Saturday we had a small party for the girls, with some friends and family over. Unfortunately, since the girls decided that their morning nap time was less important than play-time and being adorable, they wound up very tired and cranky, and we had to delay cake, so some people missed that. Still, I have video of the girls blowing out their candles (with some help), and trying cake for the first time.

We also seem to have had a visitor. It appears in both, but the best image is in the second video there. Watch the top of the clip, near Conor's picture on the mantle, at around 14 seconds in.

I think someone stopped by to wish his little sisters a happy birthday.


  1. Oh, Paul, thanks for sharing this glimpse into your family. The girls are so adorable. And yes, I saw the "visitor." Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a happy new year.

  2. So awesome :) I'm with you, I've always thought Friday the 13th is a good day too. Happy birthday to the little ones! And happy holidays to all of you :)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, With Joy)