Feb 4, 2014

Late With All The Things

Whether it's blog posts, preparing to run a tabletop RPG again, or working on one of my new books, it feels like I'm working several days behind on everything.

I should probably have expected this, given that the first couple of months after a new baby arrives are always the toughest on your routine. Also this time there are a whole load of other distractions, like marveling at the sheer ignorance of people who find it offensive that a song celebrating America would be sung in any language other than English, or how the Irish state broadcaster decided to protect the rights of people to have dissenting views... by censoring someone for having an opposing view and paying damages to members of the organisation he (extremely mildly) criticised.

Thankfully there have been good reasons to be distracted as well, like getting started on Arkham: Origins and watching my older daughters happily laugh their little heads off whenever they see their new little sister.

Normal service will resume... sometime. I promise.

1 comment:

  1. Someone else blogged about the response to that commercial. I don't get it. American is a melting pot, right?