Sep 4, 2014

Memory War Blog Tour

In a couple of days I get to officially launch Memory War, and I can't wait! The books arrived this week, and the venue is all sorted out. I've had some difficulty getting launches organised before, so it's refreshing that this one has been such smooth going. I hope everyone enjoys it, and more importantly I hope everyone enjoys the book.

From next week, then, I'll be running my blog tour, stopping in the following places:

Janice Hardy's Fiction University - Anatomy of a Showdown, September 9th

Pink Tea and Paper - The Streets of New York, September 11th

Keys to YA - Reincarnation: The Ultimate Afterlife, September 16th

Thomas R Manning - Good Stories End With a Beginning, September 18th

Nonsensical Essentials - Author Interview, September 23rd

1 comment:

  1. Great luck with it, Paul, and with balancing your career and family. I've enjoyed your blog posts and updates.