Feb 5, 2015

Call for a blog tour

With the new Lady Raven available on Kindle, and work close to completion on re-releasing the print edition, I want to try and get the word out about the series. I'm thinking of a blog tour in March/April, to get people talking about this, and about the upcoming Red Skies.

If anyone would like to help out, drop me a line.

Cora Ravenell has already lost her father. Now she stands to lose so much more. With no male heirs, her father's estate is stripped away, and Cora's only chance to remain in noble society is to marry a childhood friend. 

But when her mother is accused of treason, Cora's world is shattered, and she becomes the target of a ruthless hunt. Chased through the darkest corners of the city, Cora discovers that not everything about the Empire is as it seems. In the darkness, Cora will find the truth, and a power she has never known. 

The law calls her a criminal. The church calls her damned.

Her enemies call her Lady Raven.

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