Jul 27, 2011

Back in the Game

I've been doing well getting back to work on my WIP. I've broken the 35k mark, so I can safely say the first draft is half-done. I've got some crit-partners already helping me out with comments and advice. If I was ever thankful for the encouragement and motivation to keep writing, it's now.

It's still difficult getting into the writing mindset, but once I'm there I feel so uplifted. It's not so much an escape as it is filling my time with something I love, something which is a positive part of me. I wouldn't say it's helping me heal, but it's giving me something to look forward to. A good thing to focus on, which is mine.

I'm not sure exactly when I'll have the first draft done. My first book took months to complete, but I was a lot less certain of how the story was going to go than I am this time. If I can maintain a steady pace and get, say, two chapters done each week, I should be able to complete the first draft in a little over a month.

Helping me in this is the fact that my wife bought herself a digital piano which had been reduced in price to a bargain. It's due to be delivered today and will be living in the front room, where I prefer to write. So my wife and I will be able to both indulge in our own artistic pursuits, but still spend time together. I'm looking forward to that.


  1. Glad you guys are finally managing to get some music into the music/gaming/reiki room

  2. Glad you are back writing, Paul. Every little step will take you further along the path of healing. And some wounds, well, they are always there, but we learn to live with them.

  3. Your writing and her playing sound like such productive ways to help the two of you heal.

  4. That's nice. For a while, my husband, who is an artist, and I shared space. It was lovely to be writing at the desk and he'd be painting at his easel beside me. But he likes to paint to music, so eventually we eliminated the guest bedroom bed (sorry, guests! off to a hotel you go!) and he has that whole room to himself. And I got a laptop, so now I write in my lap and rarely at my desk! In fact, right now I am sitting outside enjoying a lovely afternoon. I'm glad you are doing what you love. There are all kinds of ways to heal.

  5. Good to know that you and Jen are managing to return to the things you love to do. It must be part of the healing process for both of you.

  6. Aonghus: I'll never get her away from the piano!

    Karen Walker: Yes. Some wounds leave deeper scars than others. But we'll make it through.

    KarenG: It feels great. Jen belongs at a piano the way I belong at a keyboard.

    Melissa: There are. I love my computer desk. It's my favourite place to write and feel both happy and at peace.

    Paula: I think it is. I haven't seen my wife this happy in a long time.

  7. It's great to hear the writing is flowing.

    It sounds like your making good headway and you may find that with more direction this book may be quicker to write - but I know it's hard to tell at this stage.

    I'm so glad you've got something you love to keep you busy.

    Also, it must be lovely having Jen there with you. :)

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