Jul 21, 2011

Funeral Service

Conor's funeral was held yesterday. It was a bright, sunny day, spent surrounded by friends and family. The service at the hospital was beautiful, as was the short one at the crematory. Included in the readings were a poem written for Conor by a friend, and a short piece by Ellen Brickley which she wrote to express her thoughts on Thursday after hearing about Conor's passing. Both were beautiful pieces, perfectly expressing the love and strength we have come to associate with Conor's life.

My previous post about Conor marks my 100th blog post. I hadn't even realised. I can't think of a more fitting topic for the 100-mark.

After the services we came home and spent the rest of the day and night with our friends. We talked, ate, drank and laughed. We enjoyed the shared love and company of one other.

Everyone agreed it was a wonderful way to celebrate Conor's life.

Below are the pieces of music we used during the service. The first two were chosen by my wife, Jen, while I picked the last two.


  1. yet again such beautiful lyrics :-D xx

  2. So pleased you had such a wonderful celebration of Conor's life, and your choice of songs was superb.

  3. It sounds like a good day-- a celebration of Conor's life, very nice. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. Paul, I am glad that you and Jen found a way to celebrate the time you had with Conor. Still, I am so sorry for your loss I don't have words.

  5. Good song selection. I hope when you hear these songs in the future you'll remember the time you got to spend with him.

  6. Paul, I am so sorry. I just read your sad news. The funeral sounds like a lovely celebration of his life.

  7. Anonymous: Thank you. Who are you, though? :-)

    Paula: Thanks. I think half our friends and family have decided they can never see Wicked or watch The Last Unicorn again...

    KarenG: It was a good day. My wife and I felt more at peace once the service was done.

    Karen Walker: Thank you. We still have our bad moments, and I'm still trying to let myself open up to my friends when they offer their support.

    A. Lockwood: I will, and hopefully I'll still be able to smile when I do.

    ELizabeth: Thank you. Both my wife and I believe strongly in celebrating life rather than mourning death. It's still hard to get through it at times, especially now we've started putting Conor's things away.