Sep 9, 2011

Getting Back To Normal

It's been a hectic week. At the start of it I finished the first draft of Silent Oath and sent it off to my beta readers. I figured on taking a few days to relax before getting to work on Nightfall, my YA novel. It hasn't been such a relaxing week.

We had work start on re-modelling our kitchen so my wife can more easily make use of it, which revealed long-standing damp issues in one wall. Repairing the damage and solving the damp issue added another day onto the job and was a hit to the wallet as well. We've been without a kitchen since Wednesday morning. Bozes and packing crates are in every other room. It's been a tad stressful.

But tonight the job will be done. We can reclaim our rooms and go make a proper cup of coffee without filling the kettle from the stand pipe in the garden. We can finally chill out again once this is done.

And then, after my "week off" is over, I can get back to writing Nightfall.


  1. Oooooooooooow though twill be nice to have a brand spanking new kitchen! It's worth the pain :) And I'm sure it made a good excuse for takeaways :)

  2. Congrats on finishing your draft, Paul. Awesome. I am 30 pages into my first novel and fear I'll never get there. Enjoy your new kitchen.

  3. SJ: We actually cooked up a massive batch of curry over the weekend as well so we've been having that too.

    Karen: Thanks! Just keep plugging away at yours. It's scary as all hell, I know, but you can do it.