Sep 7, 2011

Setting Goals

The first few tentative comments on Silent Oath are coming back from my betas. So far my wife has decided I need to be beaten with pens and poked in the stomach for my spelling errors. This is what I get for sending out such a raw copy. I admit I did leave in some issues that I know need to be addressed, like spellchecking and retro-fitting a name change I decided on in chapter 8.

It's a time of the year full of new starts. Kids are starting school. Students are getting ready to go to college. It's a good time to be setting goals.

With the first draft of Silent Oath completed I can start to spend more time reading, which is something I really need to do. I've also decided that I want to have both Silent Oath and Nightfall completed and edited, ready for querying, by Christmas.

Granted I won't actually be querying Silent Oath that soon, but I do want to get Nightfall out there as soon as possible, and it makes a good deadline for both books. I need to try and get another 65,000 words written on Nightfall. So if I can manage roughly 20,000 words a month, I should be just about on-target.

What about you? What goals are you setting yourselves these days?


  1. Learn German
    Do a PhD
    Read Paul's book
    Get fit
    loss weight
    Finish game of thrones (which I highly recommend)
    My problem is I have too many goals :)

  2. My current daily goal is do at least one bit of writing for my blog every day.

    Longer term goals are get more hours at work , listen to more music, watch more films, read more, get back to learning Esperanto at some point (I've regressed to only being able to say mi auto est malgrande, even though I don't own a car), walk/cycle more and build a new PC.

    - Ellen J. Miller

  3. Edit SINS OF THE SON.
    Launch and promote SINS OF THE ANGELS.
    Hunt down and destroy the dust mammoths (and other creatures too scary to contemplate) currently roaming my house.
    Keep youngest daughter focused and on track in school.
    Actually clean out garden for winter instead of claiming I left it that way on purpose to make yard look more interesting.
    Retain sanity.

    Piece of cake, right? ;)

  4. Great goals and best wishes on that word count. I plan to psyche myself into Darkspell's release (who knows what that brings), write Darkspell's sequel (so far it's been grueling since I had no story arc for that), pay my kidlets more attention so that don't think I'm all work and no play, try to keep a clean house (ugh...), and write a book with my teengirl.



    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?

    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  5. Lordy! We are selling our house - supposed to close by the end of the month, assuming all goes well, we're moving to an apartment for 6 months and in the spring plan to buy an RV and hit the road for all the rest of next year. And, my book should be ready this month and I'll be marketing it of course...sometimes it all seems like too much, so I've been burying my face in other people's books!! And loving it!!

  6. anyaphoenix: Shouldn't your PhD take precidence over learning German? ;-) Nice to see my book ranks so highly, though!

    Ellen: Esperanto? Cool! I've never had the best head for languages but I love learning what I can.

    Linda: Your first three sound very similar to what I've got coming up.

    Elizabeth: Thank you :-) Sequels seem to be on everyone's minds these days.

    Melissa: Wow, road trip, awesome!