Nov 4, 2011

Pot Luck Dinners

My wife's birthday party is this weekend. Last year we had a pot luck dinner party and it was so successful we figured we'd do it again this year.

I love how simple pot luck dinners can be. Show up, bring a dish you've prepared, everybody eats. It appeals to my love of friends and of food both at the same time! With so many people bringing different things, there's bound to be something for everyone to enjoy.

We're not picky with what gets brought; main courses or deserts are all good in our book. Lots of our friends who don't have time to cook anything will just bring some snacks they've picked up on the way out. We don't even ask that everyone who comes brings something. We just like having a good time and sharing good food with our friends.

This year I'm thinking of doing a chili or maybe a jambalaya. I'm good at both. I think my wife's going to make her chocolate and peanut-butter cheesecake and possibly a custard pie. My problem is that I want to just cook so many different dishes.

Have any of you gone to a pot luck dinner? Do you have some favourite dishes that you've brought along, or think would go down well?


  1. Occasionally, but you're the first person outside the US I ever saw use the name pot-luck.

  2. Our folk dance community has potlucks all the time. We have one at New Year's, we have one at our annual fundraiser for dance camp, we have it at special parties, and we have gatherings at peoples' homes that are almost always potlucks. My hubs is not allowed to come without a chocolate dessert - he's an amazing baker. Happy birthday to your wife and enjoy your potluck, Paul.

  3. I grew up going to these potluck dinners in our church basement and I remember as a kid just being giddy with the choices, especially the desserts! What a fun idea for a party and I say if you're in the mood to cook, go all out!

  4. Happy Birthday to Jen, give her a big hug :)
    I tend to make Tortilla and or Paella whenever I want to show off cooking to people :) although last time we had a dinner party (yep we're those people now) we had a veggie and a guy who doesn't eat anything green so we had to go with tapas style stuff and it was great fun! Beef Casserole, Sushi, Tortilla, Aubergine Tomato bake thingy, Fried chicken(with nutmeg, pineapple and crunchy nut cornflakes) and other stuff I can't remember, love making really random mixes :)

  5. Gid: Really? What else is it called?

    Karen Walker: Mmm, chocolate deserts are good. It was a great night. I'm exhausted, though.

    KarenG: I did end up cooking the jambalaya, creamed potato salad, and a rice dish made with carrots, onions and red pepper pesto. None of it lasted long!

    Sarah: I love tapas! I think that'll be the next dinner party we have.