Jan 20, 2012

Energy Levels

This has been my wife's first week back at work and we've had to start getting up at 6:30am again. I don't mind, because it means I get a lift into work and I get more time to get settled at my desk, have my coffee, and do a bit of writing or editing before work starts. In fact, I pretty much got my first book written almost entirely in the hour before work started and on lunch breaks. I owe quite a lot to these early mornings.

But damn if it isn't hard to adapt to sleeping almost a full hour less each night. We've been getting to bed earlier, but sometimes (like last night) we wind up staying up late because something catches our fancy on tv. Last night it was Dylan Moran. We are eating a lot healthier which will hopefully help with our energy levels. I've been taking vitamin B complex as well as multivitamins & iron. Don't know where I'd be without those. I also perform Reiki on myself to help keep myself feeling focused and relaxed.

And coffee. Coffee is my friend. I'm no good to anyone before I've had my first coffee.

What do you guys do to help alleviate flagging energy levels?


  1. Not sure if it will make you happier, but it takes about two weeks to really adjust the body schedule. And as for those favorite shows, we record them and watch them later when sleep isn't as essential :) Good luck!

  2. I am struggling with my energy levels right now. Trying to figure out if certain foods are causing lethargy, or other allergens or is it a mild depression. Sigh!

  3. Yoga is my friend, but saying that I don't have a huge amount of energy on account of various tablets, but I find I have a little more now that I'm gone veggie, that's the only noticeable difference yet.