Jan 25, 2012


I've hit a bit of an editing slump. With my latest round of edits on Locked Within in the hands of my editor, I actually have plenty of time to work on my edits for Silent Oath, the second book in the series.

Of course, this is just the time my brain keeps telling me it wants to do other things! Stupid brain. I'm 23 pages in out of 249. This needs to improve if I'm to be querying in March.

Time for some rousing motivational music:


  1. I think we all do whatever it takes to get our brains moving. There WILL be those slumps. But hey, you're working on the SECOND book. That is awesome!
    Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror & Other Memoirs

  2. editing is always tough--I'm working on the 2nd book in my series as well...just doing a bit of rewriting as it appears to me going though it, not doing the line editing that comes next. I feel your pain!

  3. I had to totally goof off the other day and it felt good. Wrote something small and silly that got accepted for an online journal. I'm actually commenting on your Saturday blog too - I'm not a video game person at all, but I think that anything is possible, and being creative in different ways opens us up, so why not!