Jan 11, 2012

Supporting Others' Talents

We writers talk a lot about our own work and about other writers we enjoy. I think we should also take the time to celebrate the range of other talents possessed by those in our lives.

My wife, for example, is an astonishing singer and can play piano, guitar and some violin. My dad is a great guitarist. My sister is a dancer and my mum could probably lead an army, having tested her organisational skills against youth drama and working on film sets.

For Christmas I got my wife a USB microphone that she can use to record herself directly onto the computer. She's really looking forward to bringing more music back into her life and we'll be sharing some of her recordings as we go. So keep an eye out, because I'll be posting links to her Youtube channel!

Is there anyone in your life who has a talent you're proud of? What can you do to encourage them to share and develop that talent further?


  1. While my family is not musically talented or artistic in the ways of the world, my husband has made some beautiful pieces with his woodworking. My children excel at being wonderful daughters and mothers to their children, and each of them has stood behind my writing career throughout the years, most of them without worldly success. In their eyes I have succeeded. So I do pay tribute to each of them. Thanks for asking the question of those in our lives whom we are proud of.
    Blessings to you and yours. Barb
    Writing: the ups and downs

  2. My Partner is a very wonderful artist and I support him as much as I possibly can in as practical sense as I can, mostly I would like to bring people with different talents together as often as possible as I am interested in seeing an idea develop between people. The phrase I would like to say the most often is "I think i know someone who can help with that or who can add to that". I also have very talented writers who I hope I support by chatting to them about there books from different points of view, adding my professional gaze sometimes and often with just providing a convenient cup of tea. Thanks for thinking of us supporters who hope to someday be mentioned in the dedication as a route to fame :P

  3. I'm very proud of my boy and his shop and I think if he wanted to make something of it he really really could! He has sooo much more patience then me!