Sep 13, 2012

Galleys, Reviews, Blurbs

Last week I got to see the galley pdf for Locked Within. Seeing the words "Copyright 2012 Paul Anthony Shortt" was incredible. This just gets more and more real!

So now that the galley proof-reading is done, the book can go to print and it looks like everything's really moving ahead.

What I need to do now is get working on finding people to review the book and established authors who'll read an advance copy and give me a short blurb to go on the Amazon page and WiDo's website, as well as my own blog.

So if anyone would like to provide a blurb or a review, whether on your own website or on Amazon or Goodreads following the book's release, please let me know and when I have the ARCs I'll get in touch.


  1. Congratulations! Nothing like seeing that first book in print.

  2. Yeah, Paul, so happy for you. I don't think a blurb from me will help you - try to find more "established" well-known authors, if you can.