Sep 11, 2012

Rolling With The Punches

With just under two months to go before Locked Within hits the shelves, I've been kept pretty busy with publicity plans and proof-reading. In between the moments of madness, I've had time to reflect on the path which brought me here. If anyone asked, I'd say I've been incredibly lucky and there are people who've had a much harder time than I have.

But yeah, sometimes it's been hard. A lot harder than I've let on. There've been setbacks along the way. And times when I've wondered if I should just pack it in. But I've always believed you've got to take those knocks if you want to get ahead. If you take a step back every time you get hit, you'll never win, you just end up backed into a corner. I try to remind myself of that whenever life throws me a curve ball.

The further mangle this boxing metaphor, here's something from Warren Zevron:

How do you guys get through those rough patches?


  1. Guess it depends what the rough patch is, Paul, but I always come back to whether I want to live without writing and the answer is always no.

    1. Definitely. These things we do, they're not in our lives because they're easy, but because we want to fight to keep them.